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Sealing without sumps...

Jan 6, 2003
Im getting a much larger tank set up at the end of this year and plan to run it by next year, but im going to try and get a 75 gallon or 100 gallon if possible at a good rate of course. Right now, I don't have the materials/time and research to get a successful sump in place w/ overflow boxes, and custom mantainence on a tank...especially making it escape proof so im just going to not have a sump and have the tank run without one.

On that note, if anyone has kept an octopus without a sump or has one now, how would you keep the tank lid escape proof when their's openings at the top for the skimmer and filter media to run through? If their's any one of a kind items or methods, i'd be glad to know.
Quite a few of our ceph keepers have this sumpless set up - one solution: you'll have to make a covering using something like plastic screen or acrylic, and customize the fit, possibly using duct tape to close small openings.

I have a 10 gallon a 30 gallon and a 55.The 55 i just setup over a month ago for the bimac i am getting from marinebioguy.All these tanks are using the berlin method no sump just water movement a whole lot of live rock and a skimmer except for the 10 gallon has no skimmer just a lot of water changes every week on the 10:lol:.I use the glass tops on my octo tanks with the plastic strip.Cut out for whatever you have hanging on the back of the tank skimmer hang on filter etc.Then like nancy said use tape to fill the holes and secure the rim.Make sure whatever tape you use doesnt have toxic glue that will bleed into your water!Here is a pic of my new 55 for my bimac that has been up 1 month and a week now with no sump and taped up holes if you do it right doesnt look bad at all:wink:

Click to enlarge:
Oh, I see now. I did similar things on my 20 gallon, but that tank was just meant to keep an octopus temporarily which was the Briareus I kept for a few days from Tom. It had an opening were the filter was placed in, but I didn't use anything cuz that octopus never attempted escape. Guess cuz I kept my eye on it a lot.

Definately going to use materials as mentioned for the bigger tank.

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