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Safe tank mates for s.bandensis

To be sure I introduce the new inhabitant inside a plastic breeder and leave him in there for a day to observe the behaviour of the cuttles. Once I was sure I dont see any hostile actions, I slowly released them into the tank.

I would advise you to do the same, to ensure that my experiences were not isolated and abnormal.
I am going to purchase the 55 gallon, my plan is to just have the cuttles with the mushroom corals and the zooanthids and all of the fish will be in the 30 gallon (I only have two fish in the 30 gallon right now, a tiny percula clown and a six lined wrasse).

Next Friday (July 7th) I am going over to the guy's house and breaking down the tank and resetting it up at my place. The only potentially bad thing is that he used tap water and a conditioner instead of RO/DI. I will be making about 50 gallons beforehand to replace his water... it will be a couple of months before I move the cuttles, they are still too tiny for that tank...

Thanks for all the input!

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