Roxy Update

Jan 31, 2003
Roxy's been hold up in her den for several days now. She was blocking up the entrance with shells. We finally lured her out tonight for some shrimp(she's still eating). I peered in her den for the few seconds she was out and I saw no eggs. Oh well. I'll keep you updated. John
Is Roxy one of the original Bimac siblings??? Didn't you get her around when Ink arrived? Glad to hear she's doing well. How long is it now?

Piling up shells or rocks could be a sign that Roxy is making a den and preparing to lay eggs, which would most likely be infertile. Then again, it might be just an attempt to create a den.

Both Ollie and Ink continued to eat after they had laid eggs.

Roxy is one of the original bimac siblings - as far as we know, only Roxy and Ink are left. (For those of you who have joined us more recently, a number of us who got our bimacs back around March/April 2003 decided to pretend they were brothers and sisters, and we called them the bimac siblings).

Roxy has been kept at a lower temperature than any of the other bimac siblings. This might prolong her life.

It's nice to hear that Roxy is still doing well!

Yes, yes, I've had Roxy for 10 months now Carol, same time Ink came. I figure she's about 14 months old. And she probably is a he. Her eye problem from a few weeks ago got better and I'm hoping she's just going through a phase. I wish she would have some fertile eggs, my girlfriend would like to be a grandma, lol.
ps. Nancy I still owe you that timeline, and I'll get it to you as soon as I can, I promise. John
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