[Octopus]: Ripley - Abdopus sp My 'cephalopodic' journey-a beginner's progressive notes

My best picture of her finally.


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She has some really fun behavior. Just a shame I found her so late in life. Or perhaps it was meant to be as she is teaching me a lot
She really likes to use shells, rocks, and anything small to stack up and make a barrier.
She displays a lot of different patterning and colors.
I'm enjoying the time I have with her.
very cool. it's awesome that she's been comfortable enough to have such personality after such a short time. it suggests that you're a ceph-keeper who know what you're doing!
Thank you! :biggrin2:

Some fun color changes she likes the do. The dark coloring she usually does right when she is going to reach out for a new rock or coral. The pattern is her more common hanging with the kids color!


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I can not tell if she is eating. She does not eat anything I offer but there is a lot of life in tank for her to munch on.
She sticks pretty close to her eggs and even the brief moment she leaves them she always keeps one arm up next to them. Usually when she leaves, it's to grab a shell to pull it back over and put up. Building herself a little pile of shells there for protection.
I sometimes think she may be laying more eggs but I think she is done now. You can just barely make out small yellow spots in the eggs if you look really closely. Talk about itty bitty.
As luck would have it- I put out a small piece of shrimp after holding it near where she could see it before putting it down for her. She eventually grabbed it and possibly ate it as she moved it asking her arm and it disappeared.
She has a lot of eggs and they all seem to be doing well. It's been fun watching her and each day is a true treasure.
:feet: @KD5054 - sorry about the file attachments here. I have configured the server so that even very large image files will convert into Thumbnails (so that they won't show up as generic icons going forward). :nofeet:
That's funny- I just updated my phone so I was wondering if it was something to do with a setting I had. Good to know!
I've been taking a lot of photos of the octopus as she is very photogenic and has been pausing for be to get some photos.
Do share! Note that our Media Gallery now also supports uploading & processing of videos up to 100mb. Once uploaded, it can be embedded here in the forums. I'm still working on optimizing this... slow & steady :heee:
She is more active than most records we have of a brooding female. You might try offering very tiny pieces of shrimp.
This was the day I was able to get her to take a piece of shrimp.
She hasn't taken another offering since then. But stays and continually works on placing and replacing her 'barricade'.
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