[Octopus]: Ripley - Abdopus sp My 'cephalopodic' journey-a beginner's progressive notes

You might consider dumping out the water every day since there is no flow through the bowel. I think you already had feed her some but giving her a little piece of shrimp (very small amount) daily or every other day should keep her fed.
I've got her close to a power head that is pointed at her to hopefully help with flow, but yes I think daily freshening her water will be good.
I've been offering her small pieces of some fresh wild caught shrimp every now and then. Usually every other day or so seems to be her preference. I also have an extra mushroom Coral I put in with her as a monitor for myself as well on water quality.

Hopefully this will help little Ripley. She has been hanging onto shells as shields against the starfish.
As of late I've not been able to get to see much of the eggs as devoted mom has gone into overprotective mode and stays right up on top of them.
Interestingly she has been keeping her break and tentacles pointed outward at this time while keeping her head pulled under.
That IS interesting; not sure I've seen or heard of that, when brooding... can you get a pic of that?
Sure thing!
Here's a couple I took of her.


  • IMG_20180104_214529046.jpg
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  • IMG_20180104_214509628.jpg
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A baffling aspect- woke up this morning with Ripley moving back to under her rock and her eggs are all missing. I have no idea what happened. Everything was fine last night.
if you have any kind of overflow or filters, check there. I never saw hatchlings with the only small egg species I kept where I KNOW there were eggs (a couple of others may have laid eggs where I could not see them).
Very odd.
I searched everywhere and nothing. The spot where the eggs were only has a slight string like look. Like a webbing but no eggs.
Then Ripley has moved to under the rock and seems set on staying under a rock. I can't watch her much as she just moves back under the rock.
Sad. :frown:
Yeah it is sad. Though a short time I greatly enjoyed her.
On the other side- I'm glad to say I feel confident in my ceph care abilities now. It was good hands on learning.
Currently looking into either a tank raised cuttlefish or another octopus. The advantage of the cuttlefish is I'll be able to know the age.
Will see.
Sorta feels like a phoenix experience- both sadness for the end and exciting for the next step.
So encouraged by your perseverance! You are doing great, despite the setback, you handled this well. Some of our older members have offered some keen insights on the grit required in order to keep cephs. Looking forward to your next adventure... I'm sure some will go better, and some will go worse, than this one.
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