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Removing Canister ?

Damn. I get busy for a few days and miss a great conversation!
Scouse: your thinking is sound , although I've never done it, it should work. Would make an interesting experiment. If you try it, lemme know what happens.
I'm still new to the octo thing, so I guess what really matters is what level of nitrates the little dude can take before it stresses him out. I know fish can take quite a bit. I've heard from good sources that SeaWorld has 'trate levels in their fish only tanks that would make you head swim (no pun intended).
Just incase anyone's interested I've had the least amount of troble with Magnum filters, with a good micron cartridge and a carbon bag. If I was gonna use one on a cheph tank, that's prob'ly the way I'd go.
So what type of flows are acceptable? I have a massive return I think, my tank is 300L and my return is 8100lph (2142gph). But thats at zero head, its a luguna pond pump. I have yet to work out how high my return will need to go, so the flow will obviously lessen because of this.

I like overkill, and this was the only place I could afford it lol :biggrin2:
On the side of the box it came in, or perhaps on their website, they should list the pump output at different heights...at a guess, I would half the output at around 24" or so...

I try to go with 1 to 1.5 the gallon return of the total of the tank as a "thumb" rule.
In addition to the height you're moving the water up, you lose a lot of energy with each 90 degree elbow. I forget the usual approximation, but somewhere around one or one and a half feet of hydraulic head per PVC elbow?

it really depends alot on the size of the spinner and magnet assembly...some of them can push a fair bit at each joint, others just wuss out.

New to this salt water thing and octo's in general, but i have a spare 55 gal that over the next 6 months or so would like to set up for an octo.

I do have a turtle, a red eared slider, in a 90 gallon tank, with about 50 gallons of water of in it, and a dozen or so fish (depending on what he munches)

Between his pooping, the fish are constantly trailing little presents, and all the food that gets spit out or what ever when he eats, the tank stays fairly clean, and nitrates stay relativley low.

And i run an XP3 and a middle sized Eheim cannister filter.

is there that big a difference with salt water set ups?

I would think if that set up could keep up with a 18 year old turtle, an octo wouldnt be much harder?

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