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Apr 14, 2005
i have a couple of questions i can't find on the internet that maybe someone could answer.
i have a 65 gal with 29 gal refugium. would anyone recomend the red ball that octopets sells and if so how many pounds for my size tank?
i was also wondering if i should order an octo or a octo farm with eggs and if anyone has any experiences they could share. and also what to do with ten octos if all of them hatch.
also i have one blue damsel cylcing my tank is that going to be eough to properly clycle my tank?
and finally does anyone know how long it takes to recieve either the octopus or the eggs from octopets thanks much joe
I have never ordered from octopets, but I can give my experences on the rest.

Ive never had much luck growing the red ball seaweed that octopets sells, I think it must need power compacts or VHO bulbs to grow, if your fuge has these that would be no problem. Ive also found that this seaweed does not have roots, or readily grow roots if it does, meaning 1/2 of it clogs around the pump or gets lost floating around. I like the grape caulerpa, it grows under my 18watt NO bulbs very well and if you elastic it to a rock it roots on within a few days, and its overall very effective for nutrient export. And as for amount, all you need is like literally one branch adn it will grow and grow and grow given correct conditions.

As for the cycling, 1 damsel would probably cycle it 'ok' given enough time, but you really should have live rock, and even live sand would be a bonus. This not only means a much better cycle, but it also helps tremendously with nutrient brakedown.

You can search on Octopets and read the latest news - due to the loss of a whole generation of bimacs (who escaped back to the sea) it will be a couple of months before Octopets has plenty of bimacs to ship out. Too bad, but nothing for it.

You might be able to get the eggs sooner, but it's difficult raising the octo hatchlings.

While you're waiting for your bimac you can build up your supply of amphipods and other small food in your tank so that your baby bimac will find lots to eat.

thank you for your response.
today i bought something called bio spira to cycle my tank "overnight" and some live marine phytoplankton to feed my live rock. Does any one know if these two products work. i didnt know i had to feed my live rock. any suggestions would be appreciated
You don't exactly have to feed your live rock, but you may have things on it that do feed on phytoplankton.

Skip the stuff that claims to cycle your tank really fast. It's going to take about 3 months to cycle. But during that time you should see a lot going on with your live rock and find a lot little animals that were hiding in the rock. So get a magnifying glass and enjoy! your amphipod collection should have time to build up and you can add small crabs and snails and other future octo food (which can be your clean up crew as well).


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