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Red Mangroves

Aug 6, 2003
Would red mangroves be ok in an octo tank? I'm thinking of gettting a pygmy (or the poor little blue ring at the LFS if it isn't dead yet) to pass the time before I can afford a chiller and some Rosia, will take it out if they arrive so they have more room to bury themselves. I know that the octo may try to move it around if it ever comes out, but other than that are there any problems with one?

Thanks in advance. :smile:
if its a pod it'll get thrown about but it may also be an escape route for an adventorous octo?!

good idea for removing some of the nitrates though :smile:
I have about 20 of them in my 35g reef fuge and they don't do much for export. You really need alot of them to do any good since they grow so slow.
They look cool though:smile:

Your best bet if your looking for good nutrient export is to use some fast growing macro algaes and prune them as they start to spread.

Check out ebay if you really want some cheap Mangroves.

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