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Red LEDs


Sep 2, 2006
This may sound like a stupid question, but can't quite find any place that sells them - so I'll ask anyway.... Can the moonlights that come with lighting systems (specifically a Nova Extreme) be replaced with red LEDs instead? This would be easier than setting up a new 'rig' of lighting for the red LEDs....
I don't know of anywhere that sells them, I'm sure you would be able to find somewhere. You aren't too likely to find any specifically for aquariums, however. I doubt the LEDs in most fixtures are easily replaceable, if that is what you decide to do you should email the manufacturer beforehand to see how easy the LEDs are to replace.
i got a bunch of LED color wash strips off of a friend of mine and im am just going to build an enclosure for them out of 1x4's. before that i was planning on just buying a few breadboards (a simple template for an electrical circuit) and plugging in individual red LED's. i'm not a big DIY'er (yet) but that kind of thing wouldn't be too involved.
wow...I havnt been here in a LONG time...Current USA makes red LED systems. They are for terraniums and must be installed separate from your lighting, but its not too hard. marine depot carries them Search results for: '' - Bulk Reef Supply you have to start with the first one that come with a power pack and everything, then buy as many secondary lights as you want to connect to it.

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