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Recurrent Butt Burn Infection

Jan 27, 2005
Hello everyone,

I searched this topic on TONMO and ony found that there is no info on it. My cuttle got "butt burn" from one jetting incident about a month ago or so. Since then it seems to have become infected, then improved, then infected, then improved....and so on. Now it's swollen again.

Have any advances happened since that "Butt Burn Remedies" thread? I've added a little iodine to the water, is that bad?

He's not weak yet and seems to be fighting the infection, but there must be some way to treat it - I hope.

Any suggestions?
hate to say it...but once the cuttlebone has penetrated the flesh of the cuttle, it is only a matter of time before major problems set in...one of the reasons we all recommend very, very large tanks for cuttlefish.
All you can do is take some measures to make sure that it is as able to live as long as possible.

Damn it! It's a Sepia pharoanis. He jetted out of a plastic bag JUST THAT ONE TIME. What a bummer! That is truly depressing. I've had him like two months now. He is like family. Well, I'll take him to Pattaya and let him live out his last days free then, I'll go this weekend. Cuttlefish do live out there.

At the convention, someone was mentioning that if you can get the infection under control, they do just fine - but the trick was getting the infection under control. I'm sorry I don't remember who was saying it, or how they suggested treating the infection.
Update: cuttle stopped eating for a while and the wound got very big. I figured out he was too weak to break the crab's carapace. When I smashed a crab and gave it to him, he was able to eat it and his strength returned. Now the wound has closed up quite a bit, I'm holding my breath. I hadn't noticed that the salinity had been creeping up to 1.027 + which was definitely slowing healing.

OK, I think it's time to change his name from Harry Potter. I'm thinking Mr. Bigglesworth or Lazarus, any ideas?

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