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Recomended cephs

Sep 25, 2004
Hi! I have a 75 gallon aquarium but it is not a reef tank it has a few piles of rocks though and im trying to make a little tunnel for fish to swim through. What do kind of ceph you recomend for this kind of tank? I would really love a ceph to show off to my buddies in my aquarium. Cuz right now I am kinda trying to keep a squid in a barrel which Mr. O'shea told me how to do but it would also be cool to have a ceph in a comunity aquarium. Oh yeah I also live in hawaii so cuttles are not available to me. :confused: Thx for any help u can offer!
Cephs in general don't do well in community aquariums, reasons being small fish like damsels sometimes like to peck at them, this irritates them and sometimes to the point where they refuse to come out. If there are fish around the size of the octo, they will be eaten given the opportunity. If the fish are larger, the opposite is likely to happen.

If you intend to keep an octo, building the tunnel might not be such a good idea. Octopuses like to rearrange rocks maybe to make their den larger...etc. The tunnel could 'cave in' with potentially disastrous results that could be fatal for your fish and or the octo. I had a cuttle which died when it got squashed by a flat piece of live rock and it wasn't pretty.

You could glue the rocks together but it might be problematic for you when you want to re-arrange the rocks in the future. Seploids being small, nocturnal and shy are definitely not for community tanks.
I've heard seahorses as a possibility. Even though they are slow movers, they have a rather bony exterior, and thus may not seem to be too tasty to the octo.

But, at $70 - $200 a seahorse, they're not the type of thing most people say 'eh, sure, I'll try it'.

I actually have two 40 gallon tanks setup side by side, one for my seahorses (have 10 now plus babies in another tank), and one for my octo (which I'm waiting for). Still, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to co-mingle the guys.
The only time we EVER put Horses with octis is when the octis are babies! (about 2cm ML other wise they're seahorse fodder!) we keep them together only as a stop gap til we can get a tank ready for the octis, as the octis just harrass the horses until such times as they're big enough to eat them! Make no mistake they DO eat horses (and we keep a giant spp, the Southern Pot Belly, Hippocampus abdominalis ), so my :twocents: is don't put these together!


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