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Ready for the cleanup crew?

Jan 3, 2007
Hello all,
I'm about 3 weeks into my initial cycle and I'm starting to see some green algae over most of my live rock and some darker algae on the PVC piping for the wet/dry inlet and outlet.
I'm guessing that this is telling me I'm ready for some snails and other algea eaters?
My live rock came with a few specimens like a couple of Brittle stars, crabs and 2 snails but I'm sure a 72g is going to need much more.
So..... how many cleaner uppers should I get?

It's been awesome to discover all the living things in and on my live rock, I seem to see something new each day.
If you're about three weeks in your ammonia and nitrite levels should probably be falling back to zero (if they haven't already), so this probably is a good time to introduce a clean-up crew.

There's a lot of different kinds of snails out there and this is a great resource: Clean Up Crews

The article touches a little upon different the different kinds of algae, too.

The article DHyslop posted for you is a good starter.
In my personal experience, I have found Black Foot Trochus and Sea Hares as awesome algae eaters. You'll get a mixed response about sea hares on this site - I believe if they are harrassed they can release a mild toxin, which is obviously no good for an octo's natural curiousity. I had one sea hare in my 55 gallon tank and it was enough to do the trick, and i never had any problems.
Trochus are fast buggers, too. I haven't had wonderful luck with margarita or astrea snails....trochus tend to be more expensive [usually by a couple bucks each], but I also find them to be the hardiest and the most efficient.
As for the amount....I have a 55 gallon, and I've got 10 trochus and a couple astrea. They seem to work fine. So...maybe a few more for a 72 gallon?
I just checked my Ammonia level and it is indeed zero,
things are happening just as it's stated in the article.....Yay!!
I will introduce some snails real soon....probubly today.
The green algae thats bloomed is quite lovely.
The initial cycle seems to be happening sooner than expected. I guess time flies when your having fun.
Thanks everybody!!
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