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Rambam 2yr old in da house.


Nov 17, 2004
So how are the Bimacs for getting startled and inking? I have a 2yr old in the house, and I like him seeing as he is my first born, so I'd like to keep the boy. I also want a Octopus is this going to be a problem? What species is best about not getting startled? I guess that is my question.
Bimac!!!! They have been compared to the personality of a lab!!! My daughtor who's 7 has interacted very well with all the bimacs I have had!

I'd go with Carol on this one Bimacs seem to be very tolerant (we don;t get em down here!) Having said that our's do fine so long as they have a good, secure den (by THEIR definition not ours!!) and they put up with upto 20 2 & 3 year olds at a time! :shock: The staff don't always do nearly as well :bonk:


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