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Quick question, please.

Apr 16, 2009
Some of the live rock in my tank was getting in the way so I took it out and hammered it to pieces. When I put it back in, it clouded the tank and some oil formed at the surface. My cuttle is now resting on the bottom of the tank, while it's semi-rapidly changes color from light to dark. After a while, it's lower mantle (everything below the fin) also did the same thing as the head. Is anything wrong?
Probably just scared it a little?

Some scares are impossible to avoid such as cleaning of the nursery.

My largest is a RIGHT moody buggar, always threatening me :biggrin2:
Oh...well soon after that he ate another shrimp and now he's "normal", lol. Downstairs they are hammering and drilling the heck out of the place. Even I can feel the vibrations, and I'm human. My poor mantis shrimps and cuttle...D: It must feel like a waterfall for them.