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Jul 31, 2003
I how many gallons is a 20in by 10in by 12in tank?

You see I have a tank that has Venus Fly Traps and a few other species of carnivorous plants in it and I want to get a feel for how much bigger a 30 gallon tank would be.

Any help would be extremly appreciated!
well, your tank is 2400 cu inches, a cubic foot is 1728 in^3 and there are 7.4805 us gal to a cub ft.....

ten us gal and change...
the pic was a little small, and i could tell much from the other, but im a big fan of fly traps..... not many people know they only come from one place.... down around towards where Sideways lives....
Hi, i liked seeing the carnivorous plants too :smile: Is that purpurea you have in there too?

here's pic of my drosera sundew... I have 6 species and one of the sites i work on has sundews, butterworts and bladderworst all within walking distance :smile:
joel_ang said:
I kept a venus fly trap once, however, i kepT poking it.........then it died.

yeah, i think the number is like 10 or more times of being triggered without food and it starts messing up the plant....
I dont feed mine because they get enough food from the food and water and also because if I give them a fly or ant it usually it kills the trap. My traps are big and red because of being so old. About an 1in per trap. If yall want another pic I will try to get 1.


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