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pygmy octo


Aug 24, 2004
my lfs just got in 3 what he called pygmy octo, i have been doing a lot of research in hopes of purchasing on herein the near future. I haven,t seen anything on this kind, we live in central florida and he got it from a supplier down south. I was wondering if there is really one that is addapt to living in home aquaria that goes by this or is this most likely a carrib reef octo. I found a site that had a pygmy octo with the scientific name octopus joubini that is common to the carrib. They all were sleeping but were very small id say 1/4 to 1/2 the size of a normal mans fist balled up, and they were white with one occasionally flashing brownish. any help would be much appreciated.
:welcome: If indeed they are as he says, they could be full grown adults. Rummler was one of these and lasted a month or so. I included a pic of Rummler. His adult size was curled up, size of a silver dollar.

octos are very prone to escape and fall into drains. Takes hours to get them out.

P.S: I also sell pet rocks if you suddenly changed your mind on not buying a octo.
If you read back on my posts about Rummler, you will see she was with me a short time. Laid eggs, which hatched but are very hard, if not near impossable to raise in captivity, and died within 2 months. She had an attitude! I think these smaller types do because they need to be fiesty because of their size! As to escaping, any octo can attempt so the best thing is to assume they will try and escapeproof your tank!

Being the ones in the shop are probably full grown adults, it's hard to say how much time you may have with one.


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