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Protien Skimmer question


Feb 27, 2003
I have a 55gal with a my Bimac Sam in it and when i started the tank i bought a cheap skimmer. yeasterday while in the LFS i was advised to use the Sea Clone 100, so I got it. Is this skimmer ok? I did pay alot for it, but would like to hear any input on this skimmer for my size tank before i put it in. Thanks

I'm not a big "seaclown" fan. How much did you pay for it??? You may be able to do alot better at an online supplier or even ebay. I know that several people on the site use them and are happy with them.

If you do want to return it and get something else I will be happy to help if I can.


general consensus of most forums is that people dont like them, but it'll do fine for an octo, they just take a bit of tweaking (most skimmers do though :) )

Anyway, do a google search for 'Seaclone modifications' and it'll throw up quite a few things

Hope that helps

Thats good to know,

They really have been slated and many people openly criticise them but they are light years ahead of the air driven/ wooden airstone models.

it would be interesting for me if you kept me up to date on how it breaks in and skimmate production etc.

I have the same model, and the only problem I had was the J tube was leaking. When I emailed the company, they sent out a replacement unit, minus the powerhead for no charge and quickly! I get lots of yucky stuff in mine, but have to constantly clean the prefilter or the flow slows. One of the members here told me the plastic tube inside the unit needs to be cut lower and to do this, you need pliers to pull it out. I haven't done this yet, as it seems to work ok for me.

Hey all:

I found that one easy modification of this skimmer is to replace the cheapo air valve with a better one. You get better control in tweaking it that way. But like they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it". :wink2:

ok its been a few days now and the skimer is working great. it has filled the collection chamber twice, i epty it when it is just over half full. Glad its working good i would hate to think all that drak green gunk was in the tank. Thanks for all the imput. I have looked at the mod spec and saved them and might try them if it gives me any trouble. Again thanks for your help

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