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Protein skimmer


Nov 24, 2002

Colin, or anyone else with info, I am considering building a protein skimmer incorporating a beckett foam injector. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of skimmer (either DIY or storebought)

Colin, I know that you have undertaken some pretty big DIY projects and thought you might have info. It seems that the only drawback of the beckett injector is that it introduces too much air into the water flow. So you have to limit airflow through the injector. Anyway, any info or experiences that anyone has would be appreciated.

Hey know-it-all:

I've already got my plans put together and heve ordered all of my supplies. I hope to build the beckett skimmer next week. I'll keep you updated. Oh Yeah, I have checked out the plans avil on Reefcentral. Thanks!

Hi George,

All skimmers take a lot of fine tweeking to get the best from them so having to restrict the airflow on the becket wont be too much of a hardship, rather that than too little.

Also i know that a lot of them come with a good silencer, something i really need on my aquamedics, they can be really noisey in the house.

So, i think that it will just take a wee while to fine-tune the skimmer... make sure you posts some pics here once you are done :smile:
Well Colin:

I finally got around to my DIY skimmer. I decided to go with a plan for spray induction similar to one which I saw on RC. Anyway, here it is and I'll let you know how it works as soon as I test it. :grad:

Oh, if anyone is interested in how I built it let me know.


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