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Prolific Feeder Breeding?

Oct 3, 2005
Can anyone recomend a fish or crustacean as a prolific breeder. I would like to breed a large number of fish maybe killifish and crayfish if possible. Shrimp and crab are also an option if they are not to difficult to breed. I will be getting my octos in the next few months or shortly after i am able to setup a breeding colony. So i was hoping some members here could recommend some species. I have never fed fresh water animals to a ceph before and i was wondering if its ok, in the past i just brought food from bait shops and the local fish market. And since i like fishing it would be a bonus to use the excess ceph food for fishing.
Freshwater animals are ok every once in a while, but you don't want to use them as your main food source, because their body chemistry is different and your ceph will not get the right nutrients. This has been discussed on this thread and a few others...
thanx i thought to my self it seems like common knowlege to feed saltwater prey to saltwater preds but i had to make sure. hopfully their is still a wide range of prey items i can breed at home. I live ten minutes away from a bay but i would not feed my pets any thing caught from their and when i go on my fathers boat thats about every other three months. Thanx for the heads up my friend feeds a blue ring octo lots of crays but its colors do look abit off in its rings.
Can anyone tell me about/ refer me, to information breeding marine shrimp, crab, lobster or fish i can feed to my ceph. Or are these animals out of the realm of home propagation?
Palaemonetes vulgaris is the shrimp posted by you on live aquaria the species is Penaeus vannamei but i have purchased from live aquaria before so i'll purchase from them again:cool2: , but thanx again for pointing me in the right direction. i'll use the shrimp as a base for the diet and the asian crabs introduced in my area will be an animal i try to produce in my home and i'll most likely try to culture more crustaceans as i find more fast developing species on.:smile: any thing else on this thread will be used to seed up my attempts to breed feeder crustaceans and again thanx guys

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