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Prizm Protein Skimmer

I have used them in a shop on a diplay tank, not at home so fire away and I'll try to help
Hm, well maybe my questions might apply to any protein skimmer.

Well, I bought a Prizm, read all the instructions, set it up, and now i'm not sure if it's doing what it is supposed to. Foam enters the collection cup, bubbles pop leaving water which eventually completely fills the cup. I've been adjusting the flow rate with no success. In the end, the water leaks out back into the tank every so often.

Now that doesn't seem quite right to me.
yeah, thats no good

you need the foam that enters the collection cup to be 'dry'. that means brown and sticky looking not wet and watery.

Id suggest that the water level in the riser tube is too high and you could try turning down the water flow to the skimmer. The slower the water flows through the skimmer the more it grabs at a time... So try adding a tap to close the pump down a bit.. if its brand new it may be in its breakin period which can last a couple of weeks...

...also, some types of water conditioner cause skimmers to do that, so if you have a new tank with treated water it may not work properly.

try that and get back to me if no good :smile:
I have a prizm skimmer, i havent had any problems with it. It takes some time to find the right setting for the foam collection cup.
that is the main problem with skimmers from that price bracket... they are often hard to set up initially but once they get going are fine.. the same is said about seaclones which are a pain to set up and get running!

Its just a matter of playing with the air and water flow until you get the right balance...


try a google search and you may get more threads about mods :smile:
I agree too, with what Colin said. Don't be fooled into thinking you need to spend $400 on a skimmer. If you can afford it, more power to you, but Prizms can do a fine job on a smaller tank, IMO.
im running a prizm on my 29 reef set up and it works GREAT! you just have to watch the flow rate on the intake otherwise the it'll overflow the collection cup ( not that ive ever done that) :oops: :oops:
alien4fish said:
im running a prizm on my 29 reef set up and it works GREAT! you just have to watch the flow rate on the intake otherwise the it'll overflow the collection cup ( not that ive ever done that) :oops: :oops:

Heh, not that i've ever done that either! (ya right)
I just bought my Prizm 2 weeks ago and it works very,very,very well.
Althogh the first couple hours of trying to adjust the flow rate was realy tricky. :bugout:
Dont give up keeeeeeeeeeeeep...........onnnnnnnnnn.........trying :mrgreen:

yeah for an h.o.b. skimmer im real happy with the set up,and performance looks like i will be picking up another one this week for our octo tank, and we finaly came up with a name for the lil guy...........................TATTOO :yinyang: :bonk:
Red Sea Prizm Skimmer hell :frown:


I've had my Red Sea Prizm Skimmer for three days now and still haven't managed to get it working correctly.

It just creates foam that is white and liquidy. The collection cup fills up after a couple of hours. Everyone says it is suppose to collect a brownish foam ?

Can any tell me what my problem is ?

I have tried playing around with the flow control several times but to no success ???


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