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Potential Octopus Tank?

Feb 19, 2003
After doing some research, I would like to venture out into octopus territory. I have never kept a full marine aquarium, but have a Moray in brackish. My Moray is going to need a tank upgrade in six months, and I was wondering if I could convert this old moray tank to an octopus tank. It's just an idea, and I would never consider attempting this if it ment possible danger to the octopus. The tank is 29 gallon standard tank. If someone could provide me with additional materials nessesary to perchase, including filtration, substrate and lighting, Or if this is a silly venture, just tell me to wait.
Not a silly adventure at all...a fun one though. There's so much to cover, it would probably be best if you checked out the equiptment list on the left side of the home page and then asked specific questions. Goodluck! John
:welcome: to TONMO, AMK!
You'll need a larger tank to keep a bimac in, the list says 30+ but now we recommend 50+ tanks.
Octos don't neeed special lighting, they prefer none at all.
They need a large skimmer, and you should over filter your tank. :smile:

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