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Possibly considering an octo


Oct 21, 2007
Was just wondering if the octo in this video would be able to fit in a 90 gallon tank? If not what is the biggest octo that would work for a 90 gallon. Also on a side note, what is the octo with the most color (in the aquarium trade)...I would love a Blue Ring but I personally dont think that is too smart considering all of the negatives they have (like can kill me lol).

go to around 1:40
That's a Vulgaris in the video at 1:40..

I think a 180 gallon or larger would be great for these, but 90 is too small. They should have a relatively spacious evironment to explore.
Actually forget my last post...I have decided on a Bimac..cheaper tank and cuddlefish may require a little more than I can do right now.

Anyone know where I can get a baby at?

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