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Pod source

Jan 4, 2006
I wanted everyone to know that I am very happy with the amphipods I got from www.floridapets.com

With everyone feeding baby cuttles-I thought people might be looking.

I got alot of diversity and good size pods for a cheap price ($7.95 -look under "Shrimp"). A "portion" is a fish grade bag with macro algae with tons of pod nests and adult pods. Some look like shrimp, some like pill bugs, more types than I have seen in past orders from other sources.

Before I ordered some "amphipods" on Ebay and they sent me copapods instead - They didnt know the difference. I also got discounted shipping because I am close so email them if you are in the southeast.

Good Luck everyone with your hatchlings!

Thanks for the info, Mike. I've considered ordering pods from them because the price is right, but you never know what a retailer considers a "portion" to be unless they're very explicit about it.

They used FedEx ground for me, but I am in Florida and I know that I got discounted shipping of just $7.50 for 3 orders of pods :smile: .

They use all different shipping from what I can tell, unlike some that are just using one service-take it or leave it.

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