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Obligatory Cuttlefish Food Thread

Dec 7, 2008
Upstate NY, USA
So my eggs are arriving on Saturday morning from BlueZoo, and I want to have everything ready. My tank has been sitting for almost 4 months, and there are bazillions of amphipods and some kind of little fairy shrimp in there. My hope was to (at least until I run out of the pod population in my 40 breeder) use the pods as starter food. However, I'm now thinking I may need to source more foods just in case. Can I have some recommendations? I've been combing through the archives, and people seem to like Reed mariculture, but I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I ordered 5 eggs as an insurance policy, although I know some locals who are interested if they all hatch and survive so based on 5, I am trying to figure out the appropriate number of mysids I should order. Thoughts on that? I see they are...hehe...not cheap. My LFS also sells Tigger pods, so I have ready access to those in a pinch, also.
The biggest issue with the mysis is keeping them alive (Paul Sachs also sells them ) which will impact your quantity ordered. I have tried several ways to keep them without success until I used my bio-orb (basically a ball shaped container) with a very mild airflow (used a tubular air aerator lining the bottom) a couple of pieces of seasoned LR and fed them frozen daphnia (the daphnia may be the most important) twice a day. I can't tell which of the changes I made resolved the problem but I kept several alive for over 3 weeks where everything else I tried resulted in 100% mortality in a couple of days.

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