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Playing with our octopus


Aug 9, 2004
How do we encourage our octopus to play? He has only played a full game of tug-o-war once, he normally just pushes the stick away.
He's pretty small (how old is he, exactly?), so that he pulled the stick at all is encouraging!

Keep trying - maybe offer a bit of frozen shrimp on a feeding stick.

He'll be more interested in playing as he settles in and grows a bit!

That's good to hear, last night I was so amazed to see him flash different colors and textures all at once, it was so amazing, then today he was watching Ash play with our all black kitten, not the otco goes black alot, which he never did before seeing the kitten, do they develop more color changing abilitys with more experience, because it seems like everyday he does new color and textures.
Oh and he also, does this color thing where one half of his body is very light color, and the other half is a very dark brown, but the amazing part is there is a perfectly straight line deviding the two. Has anyone seen this before?
Yes, octos sometimes do that.

Have a look at Alice under Journals and Photos, Friday May 19 "So excited to have pictures".

Look at the pic called "Stripe"

I'm new here and all that I've been reading is very interesting with how they can change colors and textures. So I got to thinking. Is it possible to train them in changing into a specific pattern? Has anyone tried taping a large pattern to the glass for the octo to stare at? I think it would be cool to see if they can change into a plad configuration or maybe rainbow. Never really being around an octo besides the city aquarium, I don't really know their limitations.
I dont know if it has been done with octos but certainly it has with cuttles... they would display back a cross pattern for food
it's been done with a chess board with cuttles too! Very interesting. In fact I might start that tomorrow with one of my officinalis!

If you want some good ideas on Octo Enrichment I have a few and have a good contact in America who has written a massive piece on it!

I recently saw a video where the researcher was trying to teach the cuttlefish to make crosses (X's) to get food rewards. They were able to do that quite well!

I've read some things on octo enrichment, but if you have access to more, please let us know. The GPO toys that Carol photographed recently were interesting, too.

I'll have a word with him and see if he could make it available online or something! Very interesting reading!

You can have fun with making fish ice lollies and things like that, ise the tail of the fish as a handle and they love it!

Also makes for good PR if you work in a public aquarium!


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