Pics of Roxy

Jan 31, 2003
I thought Id post some recent pics of roxy. I've had her for 9 months now so I'm sure she's over a year old. She's still doing really well except that I noticed today that she looks blind in her right eye. I posted a message about it in the health forum so feel free to post if you have any thoughts. Thanks, John
ps the last pic is sideways
Roxy is looking good - did Roxy ever build a den and lay eggs - doesn't seem to be. Perhaps Roxy is a male!

All of our older bimacs are having eye problems. Ink is totally blind and her eyes are white. Ollie has diminished eyesight and her eyes are large and round, to let in more light, I suppose. She can see some motion, can tell when I turn the light on and off - doesn't see well close up. And now we hear that Roxy is probably blind in one eye (or at least has an injury)

Thank you so much for reporting in - Roxy, Ollie and Ink are the last three of the bimac siblings, at least those that we know of. I'm trying to track the lives of all of them - it's good that we have three hanging in there. I think Ollie was at least 4 months old when she came - that would make her almost 14 months old now.


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