Pics of Octavius!

Jun 3, 2007
Finally got pics of him/her :biggrin2:

Here is Octavius accepting and devouring a piece of shrimp:




And before anyone is like "you stole that name from another Tonmo member!" my friend and I made it up before I even saw that someone had named theirs that :P His full name is Octavius Aurellius Caesar. hehe.

I'm wondering about the reason why he's always chilling upside down. Maybe he doesn't like the substrate? I originally had a thick layer of crushed coral but later added a 10 pound bag of aragonite on top of it. Maybe even that is too coarse for him.
as far as i know octopuses like fine sandy substrate. Coarse substrate might irritate their sensitive skin. adorable octopus by the way ^-^
That does look like pretty rough substrate and wouldn't be very comfortable - maybe you could cover it with very fine aragonite sand.

Young octos do sometimes hang upside down, but he should also be moving about on the sand.

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