Phil offline - probably.


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
My computer is dying on me so I won't be around for a short while. Will be here more regularly soon, post-engineer - I hope.

See you in 2008!

I own a computer wizard who owes me dearly!!!! Too bad I couldn't ship him to you on consignment until he was say..... 21????

Good luck!!! PM me if he can help!!!

Thanks Carol,

Can you put him in the back of a freight truck? I'm sure I could intercept him and find a use.... :smile:

This machine only boots up once in every twenty or so tries and I've no idea why that is. I was lucky in being able to log on at all here, normally I can't even get this far. Weird....maybe its possessed.

I'll have to post hundreds of messages now I'm logged in to make up for the next couple of weeks. (I can just feel everyone groaning in advance....)

I run AdAware 6 on a regular basis to get rid of spy ware and it always seems to pick up 20 - 40 items...
I am up over 1500 items on Adaware...yikes! :shock: Yep, gotta run every anitivirus thingy there is !! (those programmers have to much time on their hands, writing all of these hacking files)
Good luck Phil !!! I was hacked into last week, and it took a geek four hours to redo the system...
:sad: I think that this is the end for me for now. My hard drive is packing up on me, it took over an hour to boot up this morning and two hours to do the same last night. On top of that, the machine sometimes crashes for no obvious reason, causing me to try to try boot up all over again. Each day the problems get worse.

Until I can get this sorted out I will probably hardly be online.


:goodbye: :ammonite:

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