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paradise pet shop eggs

I ordered from them once and had a very hard time with communication. I sent a bunch of emails and never heard back either. I wanted to know when they were sending the cuttle eggs i had ordered so I could make sure I was home when they arrived, well two weeks went by and I came home to a package on my door step. When I picked it up it was 100 degrees from baking in the sun all day. needless to say the eggs never hatched.
talked to the proprietor of PPS a couple days ago. he promised me cuttles. he said he would make up for the fact that ive been waiting. he delivered.
The photo is likely blocked for permissions as I cannot view it using the properties URL. Try allowing anyone to see this photo album on FB or just upload the picture directly here using the insert image icon to guide you through the upload.

Are the eggs WHITE by chance? Are the round or oblong?
Well, they are not squid eggs, not broadclub or Metasepia pfefferi(two of the possibilities if they were White discovered when Paradox got a large white one). Can you see any movement in the eggs yet?

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