Oysters for dinner?

Feb 11, 2008
Hello everyone,
I have a glut of live oysters in my fridge, and am probably not going to be able to eat them all myself (this statement gives a VERY false impression of my lifestyle!). Would it be safe to put a couple in with my Octopus, and would she be interested in (and capable of) eating them? They are farmed Atlantic (virginicas; 1-2 inches diameter) and kumomoto (sikamea; 0.5-1 inch diameter) oysters from Tomales bay (northern CA), and I have UV sterilization in my system to deal with any hitch-hikers. I thought this might be a treat for Moomin (1.5-2 inch mantle), but I will not do it if there is any doubt at all.
Sep 16, 2005
I don't see any harm in trying. I would probably soak one oyster in salt water (the same as your tank), to flush out any pollutants/toxins and then place it in the tank with your octopus. You could open it first or just see if your octopus can open it. Some octopus eat mussels and scallops, so oysters aren't too far of a stretch. Oh, and don't leave it in the tank for too long (if your octopus hasn't eaten the opened one in a few hours or a day for the live, unopened one).

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