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Oy - somehow I have 3 octos and eggs!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Jan 22, 2004
A local store had an occy that laid eggs and decided to give it and them to me to try to raise (no idea what species yet - way too tired to deal!). I thought great, I have space since I thought I lost the last occy two months ago and the dwarf someone gave me 5 months ago. So I got to prep the tank for the occy and eggs and what do I find...a live occy. As I scramble to move that occy to an alternate tank (the cubes above the cuttle system) what do I find...the dwarf!
I'll get pics in the next couple of days. :smile:
They really can hide well when they want to!

Guess I'll have to do some entries for you in the List of Our Octopuses. Good luck with the eggs!

Hah thats great! Reminds me of one of my first Octos over 10 yrs ago when I had an (Dont laugh) undergravel Filter. I thought the octopus escaped or died and started buying fish again. 4 months later, the fish started dissapearing and one night a saw the octo much larger in the tank chasing fish!

Well congrats on the octos and the cuttle eggs! Ive been so busy, that Im just keeping an aculeutus. They are much lower maintenance then raising baby cuttles.

Sounds like you ve got your hands full!

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