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Blue Ring
Dec 13, 2002
Posted: Jan 14, 2003 at 3: Post subject: Oxygen


I am concerned about oxygenation for the tank. Will a Bak-pak 2 and a Magnum 250 supply enough oxygen, or will I have to use other forms of oxygen? If so, can two powerheads be used, and what kind? Or, will even the powerhead not supply enough oxygen? If so, what other forms, can be used?

Thank you,
Michael O’Shea
Many powerheads have venturis you can connect, which inject bubbles into the powerhead stream much like an airstone. I would think that if you needed extra oxygenation for sure, then these could provide it for you. Some people don't like having a lot of bubbles in the tank...I don't think there is any threat to an octo (is there?) but some don't like the aesthetics of bubbles clinging to lots of things. Try it and see.

Anyone know which powerheads are good for this? I'm using an "unidentified" one I got with my tank and a Powersweep, and both can do venturi. The powersweep annoys me a bit...its sweep function very quickly started to work poorly if at all, and judging by its noise level I think I need to tear it apart. I'd heard they weren't terribly reliable, but it was cheap online.


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