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Welcome to TONMO.com from me, too!
We would be glad to have another person keeping a bimac - you'll find lots of good information here.

they can get threw a whole that small? the slit is no bigger than 1/4 of an inch. i am really considering buying this tank how can i get around this problem
at octopets it says the mantle size is 3/4-1 inch.has anyone had problems with using overflows with bimacs i just need 2 know if it will be ok before i buy this tank. thanks for the help
with every system there are concerns to the size and you will have to octo proof at your discretion! Some may say a bimac will not crawl out at all. While other feel it best to err to the side of caution. There have been bimac tragedies through the overflow.

You would prolly be better blocking of the Utube like I did, in the thread I posted earlier.
I have an overflow with slits, and I took plastic netting and wove it through the slits. Had to clean it or replace it every month or so, but it worked!


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