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overflow pictures please!!!!!


Aug 12, 2004
hey, everyone. i won my poker night last night, so now i can finish my octo tank! :rainbow:
i got my tank, my sump, protein skimmer, and my return. but what is the best design for an octo-proof overflow? should i use just a tube or an overflow box? help please, i really want to get this up an running so i can get a baby octo for myself as a christmas present!
There are different opinions and preferences here.

I have come to like my overflow box - it came with the system I bought - I protect the overflow holes with netting. It worked fine for my bimac and she was small when she came.

If you search, you can probably find many previous discussions on this topic - let's hear from some other people as well.

Ok I have looked all over and it seems most if not all the pictures have been moved or are no longer up.
I know the plans to octo-proof the overflows are posted time and time again but could some of you please take a second and post some pictures.


ps melvinsreef.com didnt come up either
I found some pics of Ollie, the bimac I kept, which show my overflow and the netting I used to octoproof it.

I got the netting from fruit and veggie bags, washed it well and rinsed it very well, then dried it and cut it into strips about an inch wide. I wove the netting through the holes. It could be cleaned with a toothbrush and needed to be replaced from time to time.

I figured that it would had to have been a smaller mesh. Thanks for the picture to clear that up. Will that work with a smaller octo?

Thanks again
that thing is HUGE
i mean my BI MAC has like tenecles the size of my fingers
that picture makes it look like he is IMMENSE
Yes, she's a bimac and I estimate that she was about a year old at the time the photos were taken. We knew of two others that were larger at the time I kept her, and it's not that uncommon.

The typical size for an adult bimac is a body about 5 inches long, arms about 14 inches.

it is rather large!!!

If you want an easier time go for the overflow box! (use superglue to glue windowscreen mesh across the overflow holes) i have the tube things and it is a pain to block them off!!! - and they always get blocked

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