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Overflow box or Bulkhead w/strainer?


Blue Ring
Nov 13, 2006
I am in the planning stages of building a new octopus tank. I am uncertain as to whether I should incorporate an overflow box on the back of the tank with slits built into the rear tank wall to feed it or just use a 1.5" bulkhead with a strainer on it instead.

I currently run two tanks (20 gal) off the side of my sump using bulkheads with strainers and they seem to work fine.

Is there any reason a overflow box would work better that I am unware of?

An overflow box would give you a bit more surface water going in (which is a good thing, especially if it was a reef), but on the other hand is generally more difficult to octo-proof. If you've had good luck with lonely bulkheads there's no harm in sticking with it in the new tank. There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple.

Here's pictures of my overflow. As you can see I went the route of putting slits in the wall. I did this primarily because I like to to tinker: I like it, but I wouldn't recommend it to others unless they get as much joy as I do grinding glass with a Dremel tool for 9 hours :)



Thanks for the reply and the pics. I actually envisioned having to make the overflow box exactly the way you have. I am one for tinkering and DIY projects but I think in this case the bulkhead will work just as well and be much easier to incorporate.

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