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Can anyone see an issue using these type of bulkhead fittings?

Dec 21, 2014
Dover, Kent, UK
I am planning on building a tank specifically for an octopus. It will be 75gallon. Can anyone see an issue with this type of bulkhead fittings?

I usually use two, both as drains. No weir. If i use mesh over the strainers will this be sufficient?
This is them in situ in a different tank.


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I use this setup in all my tanks but house the bulkhead in a weir that I can further restrict with coarse sponge if I have a small/young animal. You can purchase weirs online or fabricate something less aesthetic but functional as it does not have to be waterproof (Google, "aquarium weir" for ideas).
@Alburglar Do you mind if I move this to Tank Talk?

If you only put screening to cover bulkhead filter, it will likely clog easily and even with two (definitely recommend 2 - I have one tank with only one and my last octo kept blocking the weir openings, causing havoc). Even with a coarse sponge, you have to monitor the flow but it takes much more time to clog up from debris.

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