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othello died, how long to wait?

Nov 1, 2006
Othello finally passed on this weekend. I just found him an hr ago. Since he's in my marine bio/anatomy teachers classroom, we decided to preserve him. My heart is hurting, i enjoyed his little quirks.

Ironically, we just got an octo in at the pet store i work at. Would it be safe for me to put him in the tank later this week? the chem levels were all ok except ph, but im working on that and adding new water tmw. The store octo is very active and gorgeous, ive heard mentions of his suspected species on here but not the name of the species, just its characteristics. He is extremely active, mantle about the size of a really big grape, and he is usually sorta this color but more green. and when hes mad he sorta makes himself look bumpy.

Othello was the complete opposite, usually a reddish or brown color and always smooth. Also, their tentecles are waay different. Othello had more suckers and they were smaller, while this new one has various sized suckers and less of them. His suckers are also stronger than Othellos were. I know this because when i was transferring him from a critter keeper that had an escape hole in it to a non-broken cage, he lashed his tentacles out at me and got my finger, which was then pulled towards the cage wall where the octo stuck to and slithered back down into the water.....

so what do you guys think about species (of either or both) and if i can get the newbie? If i get it, i was thinking Kraken for the name, because of his "pirates of the caribbean 2 kraken" behavior...

R.I.P. Othello, your nutty little actions and cuteness will be missed.

Othello- Jan 6th- March 5th 2007:cry:
:sad: RIP Othello :angelpus:

As far as I know, there's not likely to be a problem moving a new octopus to the tank, but you should wait for the more tank-expert folks to answer. Certainly, you should check your water parameters carefully, but as long as Othello's remains were removed quickly, though, I'm pretty sure the tank doesn't need to cycle again or anything like that.
So sorry to hear about your octopus. It's amazing how they can squiggle their way into your heart.

As long as your octopus died of old age and your water parameters are ok, I don't think there should be a problem. Did your octopus show signs of senesence? Did it make a den, and/or stop eating?
senesence? what is that? he was eating and hiding in his caves regularly, i think it was just old age, since im pretty sure he was from the atlantic and was around here for 2months, not including his life before me. any ideas on the new octos species? is it a bimac possibly (hopefully??????) *crosses fingers*
Sounds like old age, you should be OK putting a new octi into the tank......the real nasty is autophagy where they eat their own arms .....that one is highly contagious but I'm sure you'd have noticed that behaviour!

RIP Othello :angelpus:

RIP Othello...There have been times when one of my octopuses have passed that I have been fortunate to get another a week or so later. I always check the parameters and do a good water change before adding a new one.
well he definately didnt eat his arms, they were in perfect condition! that sounds nasty though, i once had a self-cannabilistic newt, it was horrible. dang thing wouldnt eat anything i put in there, just ate his arms and legs. then i got a new one who got all bloated and then another one whoo escaped and wasnt found until a yr later... THAT was gross...

checked all the water param and did a water change, everything is good. the newbie is coming in an hr, im so excited! gotta love the last semester of sr. year in high school, i only do work in 2 classes, the rest are either spent on here, playing animal crossing on my ds, or drawing. OH! on my animal crossing ds game, i keep catching octopi! it made me so happy when i caught the first one!

any name/species ideas on the newbie??

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