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Missing suckers?


Blue Ring
Sep 21, 2020
Paso Robles, CA
Hi there -

I just noticed this tonight. Moriarty has been eating and was super playful tonight, but I noticed it looks like he is missing suckers and it seems to be black-ish around the base - I think I would have noticed this before because of the dark rings around them, but I’m not 100% sure. I read what I could on here and didn’t really see anything similar.


Any thoughts?
Hello! I did read that article before asking my question, but Frank's looked a little different than Moriarty's. That said, Moriarty seemed to be good but tonight he was kind of being weird, he wasnt as graceful as usual though he was very active. I think he’s still eating but he catches live so it’s hard to tell if he ate tonight or not. I read on here that when males age they start to act “senile” - what does that look like? Hopefully I’m just being paranoid but he seemed out of sorts tonight
I read about it last night until late and I think he may be getting senile. I double checked all my parameters today and they are all good:
Ph: 7.6
Phosp: .03 with Salifert tests
Nitrite/chlorine: 0
Nitrate: <10ppm
Temp: 56.9-57.5
Salinity: 35ppt (adjusted for 77 degree water)
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