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Ordering octopus off the internet


Mar 23, 2007
Is this a good idea ive never done it with any kind of aquatic animal but ive done it with reptiles i didnt like it there was to much stress on it is it different with aquatics ?

They do pretty well when packaged correctly. Make sure you know your vendor's shipping policies: if your animal is DOA typically they'll replace it for at no charge, but you still have to pay shipping.

Caveat emptor, like with anything. Most online retailers--like most LFS--know nothing about keeping cephalopods, and typically anyone who claims to be able to tell you what species you're getting is completely full of it. Most TONMOers don't get our cephs from retailers but rather other hobbyists or direct from collectors who know what they're getting in.

I am amazed at how well they tolerate it. I remember Inklet was being delivered and Jess and I were watching as the delivery man got out of his truck, he was tossing the box from hand to hand until he saw us. Not good, but Inklet survived and lived a long life. I like the fact that Zyans are packaged once and sent straight to us so there's no middle man.

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