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One of my cuttles is a Serial Killer!!

Feb 18, 2005
Out of my last batch of eggs, I had 7 babies. One grew much faster then the others. Recently I suspected cannabalism with the loss of the smallest baby. I woke up this morning to discover another dead and one with a big bite one him. Hiding in the corner was a really fat cuttle with a guilty look on his face.

Hes now in a seperate jail cell.

Perhaps I need to feed them more then once a day, but I think this guy has learned he can eat others. Or perhaps I shouldnt feed live shrimps at such a young age making them require larger prey.

Sigh...he ate my favorite lil guy and brought my cuttle count to less then I desired.

I hope I have eggs soon!
Sorry to hear that!

I have only had one incident, and it was after I hadn't fed in a couple of days. It might have to do with crowding and I did expand their territory after the event.
When they are growing, I feed them more than once a day.
This is what i found in my tank one morning;
I didnt really suspect the size of thier area to be the cause of the cannibalism. I feel they have enough space for they are pretty small still and have been out of the feeder nets for a while now.

I am probably going to give the big cuttle to a friend who has been setting up a tank for a cuttle for 3 months now. Hopefully I wont have to worry about Murder again after this...
*hah..i havent named the guy yet. Ill probably leave it up to my friend/future owner.

However, if he still has taste for blood, Im going to have to find some mini handcuffs..4 of them actually.

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