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ok, here is what I got

Oct 8, 2007
I have a 40 gallon eclipse that I am turning into an octopus tank, I am trying to figure out how I can secure a lid so one can't escape. I was thinking maybe a screen type lid that I would cut to fit perfectly around the filtration. Any better Ideas?? I really don't know how to do it.
:welcome: but be a bit patient; it's "International Cephalopod Awarenes Day," so all the octo-keepers have full schedules. I don't know of any commercially available octo-proof lids... pretty much everyone makes their own octoproofing modifications. In general, we recommend a 55gal with a sump for any octo except maybe dwarf species, and we usually recommend drilling rather than using an HOB overflow to make it easier to keep the octo from escaping into the filtration... but I'm really experienced, I just read all the posts... so I may not even remember quite what an eclipse implies. I'm sure some of the tank experts will respond soon... in the meantime, have you found the ceph care articles under the "ARTICLES" button at the top of the page? That has a lot of useful information that could help you while you're waiting...
:welcome: Please make sure your tank has cycled and matured before adding an octopus. This takes about three months. What type of filtration do you have for your tank? You probably want a solid lid since octopus are strong, maybe you could use plexiglas that has been cut and then duct tape around any openings.
Hey, I have a tank running right now that has been up for a while. I am making sure I have everything together before I get an octopus. That Plexiglass Idea isn't too bad. I am gonna see what I can do about making one. What does everyone else use??
I've got my regular glass aquarium lids, cut styrofoam to fit the gaps around the filtration in the back. Looks horrible, but hey, function before fashion. Plexiglass is relatively cheap and they will usually cut it for you if you take measurements beforehand, at least at Home Depot.

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