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Octopus Wolfi

Dec 16, 2005
Laie, Hawaii
I saw a picture of this guy in the gallery and I loved him. Anybody know what the requirements for one of these is? I need to know minimum tank size, stuff they eat, where to get them, and how big they get.

Thanks for your help
I got lots of new info about O. Wolfi:

Found in Moorea and occasionally in Indonesia. O. Wolfi is a true pygmy that is found living in rubble usually in back reef and just behind the forereef in 1 to 3 m.

They do well in a 10-15 gal system. In fact, in the field we keep them in 1 gal containters simply changing the water daily. They seem fairly hardy.

This guy sounds so sweet. If anybody can get one and send it to me sometime in the summer or somethin I would be very greatful.

Even if you can find a collector or a distributor in Indonesia, anything they collect for you is probably full grown with only a few weeks to live :frown:


Does anybody know whether O. wolfi is a large or small egg variety? If it's a large egg type it seems like there would be a commercial opportunity there for someone like Octopets.

Profitably yours,


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