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Octopus Toys

Dec 4, 2008
So a lot of you might know that i just got my new octo and i am looking for some toys for him. I have read in many other peoples journal what they use. I was just thinking that every one could put there toy ideas here and then maybe it could become a sticky. It seems a lot of people ask about octo toys. So if you have any good ideas put em here.:biggrin2:
These were some good answers from a recent thread, actual I quoted the whole thread :lol:
Octopus Toys

dwhatley;144333 said:
I have not had a lot of success with toys but the ones others have reported and the items I have used that got the octos attention all floated. In SueNami's case, a floating plastic ice cube with a plastic zip tie and food at the end of the zip tie got more attention than any other item. The other toy we concocted, taken from something another member had success with, was a couple of straws tied together in the center. I would put Beldar's feeding stick in one end and she seemed to enjoy riding around on the contraption while dining.

Carol has had several of her octos play with a large lego block. Two of them learned to ride it.


Hayek;144371 said:
I've heard much talk about feeding sticks. I am currently using an all plastic aquarium claw to feed Caligula. Where do you buy your feeding sticks?

I am also interested in octopus toys/puzzles. Caligula was very interested in the food I fed him yesterday encased in a test tube.

dwhatley;144384 said:
I don't remember anyone else trying a test tube :roflmao: but I did try a multi-shot shot glass a few times (the crab kept escaping in spite of the thin neck dividing the shot sections).

The "feeding sticks" a lot of us are referring to come in two varieties. The heavily used bamboo feeding stick is found in packs of 100 at the grocery store under the name bamboo skewer :biggrin2: IMO this is the most used (for lots of unexpected things in addition to feeding) and preferred. There is also a thin acrylic rod with angled tip style that is found in a fish store marked feeding stick

Feeding stick video: http://www.tonmo.com/forums/vbtube_show.php?do=tube&tubeid=65&t=17389

Decay;144430 said:
i gave mine a few transformers. one of them it disassembled at every joint and i found it scattered across the tank the next day. another one it ignored, and another one it very excitedly caught before it hit the bottom of the tank and pulled it apart. it showed some, though less interest when i put it back together and dropped it in again. another one is consistantly ignored. it reached out and took a hold of it, looked for a few seconds and then put it back in my hand.

all the moving parts and joints seemed to give it alot to play around with, just get one with alot of ball joints so you can pop everything back in place and let it start all over again. i have a few pictures of it with one if you type 'octopus prime' in deviant art.
I personally used a fishing float with a weighted fishing lure(hooks removed). Legs eventually broke the line I used to tied the two together and kept the lure and let the float go, now she holds it when she sleeps.

I have heard a lot of people put legos in the aquarium to play with. I would think it would be to hard for them to get a part. has any tried this? Also i am going to try a ping pong ball in the tank to see if my octo likes playing with that.
Although I have heard of people putting in a little ship or something else made of small Legos, I think the most popular has been one large-sized Lego block. This is what Carol's octopus first played with and floated around on, and her account was one of the first reports on Tonmo of an octopus using a toy.

Here is the little octo toy that i made. Witicker didnt seem to like it that much though. That was a little disappointing because i had to find all the stuff in our junk room. The only problem with it being left in the aquarium is that it gets pushed to the over flow and then clogs it and stops water flow.:mad: Well here it is. I am going to try other kinds though when i have more time.


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You might want to rethink the fishing line and use something like a zip tie to avoid arm entanglement (Neal made me change out the dental floss I originally used on one for Maya for the same reasoning :oops:)

Tonight Neal and I were pondering why octopuses all like sticks. It does not seem to matter what species or whether they are diurnal or nocturnal, they want to take any stick you put in the aquarium. There is even a lethal octopus fishing stick the capitalizes on this for hunting octos as food.
Some of it does, but that is mainly the weights and jig heads that are lead. the one I am using is plastic with a stainless ball bering inside that makes it sink as well as rattle.

I figured Lead was Ok as long as they are not ingesting it but I am not sure. I recently bought an airstone and it has a lead weight built into it, LFS said its the one "everybody" uses
CaptFish;145613 said:
I recently bought an airstone and it has a lead weight built into it, LFS said its the one "everybody" uses

:roflmao:I had a fit when I saw what was inside that thing and removed the lead. I had used it for awhile (nonceph tank) before I looked and can't say that I noted any harm from it. I know the pet stores will say thay use stuff "all the time" but try to remember that they don't keep animals any longer than they have to so long term effects will never be known and short term ones get written off as arriving unhealthy. There are exceptions, of course, but I usually do further research when an LSF vendor tells me something contrary to what I think I know or something that is new to me. In the case of possible lead poisioning for lead weights, I chose to avoid the issue but there may not be one.
You know I think this is pretty funny. I was talking to a firiend about potential octo toys and how Legos seemed so popular and her response was to look at me strangely and say "What?? You think are out in the ocean dropping preschool toys for wild octopi to play with?" : )

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