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octopus or cuttlefish


Jul 15, 2006
i have have many years experience with marine creatures and want to take the transition to cephs, now ive been researching but as theres so many species it would take for ever can anybody recommend and small octos or cuttlefish and which would be easier to keep as it will be my first shot so i dont want one that will die in a few weeks like so many small ones do yet i dont want one that will keep me awake all night in fear of suffocation lol

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

You'll be somewhat limited in your choices of which ceph to get by availability.

The little S. bandensis cuttles that Thales (formerely Righty) breeds is one way to go (although I don't believe any are available at the moment). They seem easy to keep except for feeding - supplying the small food they need usually requires finding a source and having it shipped in.

A dwarf octopus is easier with respect to food, but many are nocturnal. So maybe the best - from what is available - is an octopus like aculeatus or briareus.

Our members have kept, and are keeping, all of these species. You might read some of the past posts.

Good luck!


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