octopus opened jar for food(sequence photos)

Neat! I've "stuck" this thread so that it shows up on the homepage. Prior experiments observed that over time, the octopus is able to open the jar with more and more ease (i.e., they have excellent short term memory). It would be interesting to learn what you observe in terms of how long it took him to do it, and whether you see him doing it more quickly going forward.
yeah this time it took him a while to figure it out but i plan on him having to do it to get his food from now on... and i want to try different containers and throw in little twists when he really gets it. like a jar inside a jar or something.
i will definatly keep all of you updated to how it goes.
yeah i know those are his color changes.. this was the first time i could get a photo of this color every other time i tried he changed to the red color as soon as i started taking pictures..... now they told me he was from the keys weather or not he really is, i dont know... i have already determined they dont know what they were talking about.
Common Atlantic Octopus (Octopus vulgaris)


They are smart! My brother and I used to spearfish for them in Italy when we lived there. They can fit themselves is the smallest places and can outsmart even the smartest and most experienced spearfishermen out there. It does not surprise me one bit that it can open a jar and it could possibly open a tuperware container. I recommend trying one and seeing if it can open it. Thank you for sharing! :smile:
If you follow the eNature.com link to show all cephalopods there is an interesting note about bimacs:

"In 1949 it was discovered that there were two closely related species of two-spotted octopods instead of one. The second was named the Mud Flat Octopus (O. bimaculoides). This is the species most commonly found between high- and low-tide lines, on mudflats as well as among rocks. Its arms are shorter, 2 1/2–3 1/2 times mantle length, and its eggs are larger. However, the first clue that there were two species instead of one was offered by the discovery that there were two different populations of kidney parasites (mesozoa) in the Two-spotted Octopus. It is noted that the males and females at breeding time have no trouble distinguishing between the species."
shipposhack;103927 said:
Must be how we can tell the difference between an American and a Canadian, even if it is just the accent. We live close together but there is still a difference.


:lol: Americans and Canadians can interbreed and even produce fertile offspring, unlike distinct octopus species.

Neat pictures, Bobby!
Those photos are fantastic!
I am working at Melbourne Aquarium in Australia and am trying to start an enrichment program for our resident octopus and was looking for a few ideas...
Did the occy screw the lid off the jar or pull it off? Was he already used to eating live crabs? I'd love to hear about any more enrichment you have tried.
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