New octo "Kraken"

Jan 1, 2008
haha my son named tis one.
here are some pics so maybe someone can ID him for me as ceph base is still unavailable. I will try and get better pics but so far this is it he is a shy one, lol
he was purchased at the same wholesaler and was labeled common octopus, but not 100% when i searched the web it stated common octopus as vulgaris, but not too sure if it is he is very tiny as well 2" to 3" legs head the size of a quarter. and yes he came to me in that green lips muscle shell he even has an oyster shell piece he covers himself up with when in the shell.














From the posturing, use of the shell to cover up, the faint star like pattern on the mantle and evenly graduated suckers at base of arms, my guess is adult female O. Mercatoris. If I am correct, she will be nocturnal and likely have already mated. Both of my females chose a set of purple barnacles that I placed in the front of the aquarium for brooding and I was able to feed them throughout the egg hatching. My tank raised female has mated a second time but left the barnacle and has barricaded herself in a crevice in the live rock (and is not eating). I do not know if she will lay more eggs (they are not supposed to) or if she is just escaping the attention of her persistent suitor (the father of her brood).

If Kraken is a Merc and is out during the day, I am afraid you will only have her for a week or two at the most. However, her color looks pretty complete so if she boards herself up in a cave you may have octo babies to enjoy in roughly a month.

do mercs have the large dark spots visible under the skin of the mantle?
Colin;107773 said:

do mercs have the large dark spots visible under the skin of the mantle?

Yeah, actually 2 of them. I believe they are 2 of their hearts.

...I'm not D..but yeah. You can see them on my avatar if you look hard enough... one on each side.
It's always helpful to find out what part of the world your octopus came from. Your wholesaler should be able to provide this information.

AM beat me to the answer. It took me awhile to realize that the very visible spots were hearts. In the babies it looks like one spot until they get larger but you can definitely see the beating action.

The additional pictures still have me thinking adult female Merc (the FL seller adds points to my diagnosis as this time of year they are quite available and are breeding in FL). I figure I have at least two of the three correct but time will tell ...

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