Another GPO at Adventure Aquarium

Jan 6, 2003
The NJ state Camden aquarium has another GPO. The one I posted last year died after growing to almost 8 ft. had no name so we called her "No Name." I got to feed that one as well before dying and drew a picture of it and gave it to one of the husbandry biologists. They replaced her in August 2006 with "George" who I first saw right when it got placed in. He was only about 3.5 to 4 ft. across and looked like an adult Vulgaris, but is now almost 8 ft. I just went to the aquarium 2 days ago and took a lot of pics so here are some good ones:

When the GPO's sleep...this is where they sleep:











I found a tank for one on eBay last week but didn't have the $35,000 + shipping to pick it up, even at half the original cost :wink:

Love the pictures.

The GPO at our new Atlanta aquarium was quite active when she first arrived but rarely moves from her corner now (she arrived about a year ago as a juvenile). They have added some fish and set up lights timed with feeding to try to make her happier but the tank is really just too small and poorly shaped for such a large creature. This is the second GPO tank they have created and is better than the original but there seems to be a lack of basic research for the creature.

We have a couple of other displays that were poorly designed as well but they continue to try improvements.
corw314;96068 said:
Beautiful animal. He looks mad....

Lol, well I do know Octopus turn red when angry, but GPO's seem to always be red. I think when their confused or angry, they turn a red with white mottle and spike up cuz the last shot is when the tanks light went out for some reason so it curled up to one side and remained still again.

When you guys go to an aquarium with a GPO or octopus in general, do people constantly say ignorant comments and make immature remarks? It always happens and it reminds me how ignorant a lot of adults can be...if you dont understand something, you shouldnt make stupid assumptions. Its a shame that the GPO was so mis understood.

BTW, the tank for this GPO was also small...only at 800 gallons. Waaay too small and looked perfect for a Vulgaris, not an 8 ft. GPO. This animal could not move around much.
George looks like a Georgette to me. The second to last picture clearly shows a normal arm at R3, which should be hectocotylized for a male.
pipsquek;96128 said:
George looks like a Georgette to me. The second to last picture clearly shows a normal arm at R3, which should be hectocotylized for a male.

yea! Actually when I first saw him last year when he was younger I noticed all arms looked normal. I asked the marine biologists when I fed him and he said its definately male...u know, I might just prove them wrong afterall.

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