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Octopus Lifespan?????


Dec 13, 2006
Ok..I was wondering what is the average lifespan for a 2spot octo in captivity.
The longest I ever had one was for 9months. I was thinking about setting up another tank for one but was wondering if they actually live longer then that or not.

About the longest for us keeping an O.bimaculoides is 10 1/2 months. This is for bimacs that are about 2-4 months old when they arrive. They were kept at temperatures varying from about 65 to 75 degrees.

However, we did find out that one public aquarium has kept a bimac under near-ideal conditions for well over two years.

"Near ideal conditions" are relative. Actually, the better the conditions and the more food, the faster the animal will grow and the sooner it will reproduce. (Not mating is not ideal!) With no sex and little food, it will probably live longer, but that is definitely not ideal!

Yes, I meant ideal for long life!

This one lives in a 200 gallon tank, temperature about 59 degrees, plenty of crabs, shrimp etc. as food, flow through system with filtered sea water, and so forth.

This is the second one on exhibit that has lived over two years.

How long do the Pacific Giant octo's live

My local zoo has one and they have had it for a few years..it is HUGE and its tank might be large to anything we would get. yet the size of it compared to the octo is like putting one you would get at a pet store in a 5-10gal tank.

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