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Octopus Joubini Missing


Jan 14, 2020
Long Island NY
Hi all I'm a new octopus owner.
I ordered an octopus joubini who arrived on Friday 01/10/20. He (I named him Otys) was acclimated Friday afternoon and left in the tank. On Saturday morning I was unable to find him and he is still missing. I have him in a tank at my school and no one has seen him since the first afternoon. There is a cover on the tank. I've found nothing to indicate he's dead.
How can I find him without taking everything out of the tank? Is it normal for him to be hiding this long?
Octos tend to 'hide' a lot. You may find them under rocks or if possible even inside of rocks through little wholes. They can go into the sands. Mine is often just under an inside-filterbox (since I have converted a freshwater tank into octo seawater tank).
Although I never experienced it I have heard and read that they tend to sneak out of the tank if technically possible. In such cases they may not find back and die.
Does your school tank have a dark filter area? If so, that would be my first guess. Mercs need nice dark places so you can attempt to lure him/her into a more human viewing friendly area by providing a special dark place. All of my mercs have chosen to live (at least for periods of time) in giant barnacle shells with an opening placed about 1/3 of the way up the tank. If you can't find any locally, Ebay usually has vendors selling them.
I would also try looking for him after dark. If you have a red light you can put on the tank, you can keep it on all night. Nocturnal octopuses seem to figure out what time of day will be the darkest and only come out then! At least with some red lights on the tank, you might have a chance of catching them out later after dark!
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