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atlantic pygmy

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    Hi from Vancouver!

    Hi I’m Harry. I’m looking to get a 40 gallon with a Atlantic Pygmy Octopus. I am currently researching their care. The aquariums I currently have are: A 10 gallon Freshwater with a Betta and 2 Ramshorn Snails, a 75 gallon Freshwater with a Red Eared Slider (soon to be moved to a pond) and a 32...
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    Octopus Joubini Missing

    Hi all I'm a new octopus owner. I ordered an octopus joubini who arrived on Friday 01/10/20. He (I named him Otys) was acclimated Friday afternoon and left in the tank. On Saturday morning I was unable to find him and he is still missing. I have him in a tank at my school and no one has seen...